A Statement from BKCM


We are heartbroken and outraged not only by the senseless killing of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and countless others throughout centuries, but by the continued systematic racism and violence wielded against the Black community at the hands of law enforcement.


The Brooklyn Conservatory of Music stands in solidarity with the Black community and all those calling for justice and change in Brooklyn and around the world. After struggling for days to try and find words that could authentically articulate our anger, grief, shame and helplessness, we feel that words alone don’t suffice.


We have been, and continue to undergo our own process to ensure that every facet of our organization is as diverse, equitable and inclusive as possible. We acknowledge that we have not worked hard enough to create an organization that truly lives up to these tenets, nor fully reflects Brooklyn’s BIPOC community. We vow to move more swiftly to enact change that will be reflected in our programs, our staff and our board.

Further, we encourage our community to join us in self-reflection, and to take stock of their own participation, inadvertent or otherwise, in racism and white supremacy in all of its forms. We hope that members of our community will attempt to stop, and be vocal in the face of this injustice whenever they encounter it.
And we remain committed to providing the tools and forums that foster powerful expression, activism and communication through music.


We welcome and invite your thoughts, criticism and suggestions on how BKCM can be of purpose now and in the critical days, months and years ahead. We will be hosting a virtual town hall to discuss and explore these issues on June 23rd at 7 pm. If you would like to join, or would like to offer any feedback or suggestions, we welcome emails at action@bkcm.org. The Zoom link to the town hall will be circulated the day of the event.