Brooklyn Harmonics Teens & Tweens: We Are a Universe

Brooklyn Harmonics Teens’ November 2022 concert at BKCM (Photo: Jason Haberman @photosbyjth)

Save the date! On Friday, March 17, Brooklyn Harmonic Teens and Brooklyn Harmonics Tweens will join forces for “We Are a Universe,” their debut collaborative concert!

Brooklyn Harmonics Teens and Tweens will bring their cosmic harmonies to the BKCM Concert Hall for two shows (6:30pm & 8pm) featuring some familiar songs and a few original tunes. Their arrangements of Mr. Mister, MisterWives, Lake Street Dive, Stevie Wonder, Carole King and many more will open your mind to infinite possibilities! Just imagine!

Can’t make it in-person and don’t want to miss out? Click below to watch “We Are a Universe” live streamed on March 17 from the BKCM Concert Hall!

Brooklyn Harmonics Tweens (ages 9-13) is a preparatory group for Brooklyn Harmonics Teens. The Tweens sing customized arrangements of popular and original songs to refine their ability to sing in unison and develop their harmonizing skills. The ensemble is a fun and joyful approach to singing with other young vocalists.

Brooklyn Harmonics Teens (ages 13-19) is a top-tier ensemble that sings dynamic, close-harmony arrangements of pop, rock, jazz and world music, as well as some original tunes. Brooklyn Harmonics Teens performs at BKCM and throughout the community, singing on mic and accompanied by a band.

Both groups are co-directed by music director/arranger/orchestrator/composer Jeffrey Klitz and singer/musician Christine Cornell as part of Brooklyn Harmonics Teens, Tweens, Twenty+ Vocal Performance Program, a unique, multi-generational, vocal performance program for three age groups ranging from nine to adulthood. The program repertoire is popular music, the arrangements are customized for each group, and the three groups perform in concert together. Brooklyn Harmonics Twenty+ launches in May! Click here to find out how to sign up for an audition.

Learn more about Brooklyn Harmonics Teens, Tweens, Twenty+ Vocal Performance Program here.