Connection & Harmony: A Sing-Along Celebration of Black Musical Ideas and Interpretations

Connection & Harmony: A Sing-Along Celebration of Black Musical Ideas and Interpretations

Friday, February 17, 2023 – 4 – 4:45 pm

All families are invited to join BKCM in the Concert Hall for a sing-along in honor of Black History Month! This afternoon will be an educational, multimedia and interactive experience best suited for little kids ages 2-6 years old and their parents.

Hosted by BKCM Faculty Member and Director of DEI Uton Onyejekwe and accompanied by BKCM Faculty Member Lafayette Harris, the sing-along will allow children to explore the influence of prominent Black musicians and civil rights leaders in American history through song, dance and video. The sing-along will highlight the way Black artists have taken popular stories, songs, and even classroom concepts and creatively reimagined them. The event will also celebrate various musical genres of the Black American tradition, from jazz to R&B to hip hop.

We suggest an $8 contribution per ticket. Learn more about our sliding scale ticketing policy below.
Can’t make it in-person? Join us on Zoom using this link.

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  • At BKCM, we believe that musical experiences should be accessible to all. Therefore, we have a sliding scale ticket model available for this event. Our suggested ticket price for the program is $8 per person. If you are able to give this amount or more, your valued contribution will help to ensure that BKCM’s musical events remain open to all New Yorkers.
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