Body Mapping Workshop with Claire Stefani

Body Mapping Workshop with Claire Stefani

Sunday, March 19, 2023 – 2:30pm (BKCM Concert Hall – 58 7th Ave.)

Derived from the Alexander Technique, Body Mapping was developed in the 1990s by Barbara Conable to train musicians to optimize movement and sound by accessing their body map. Open to musicians of all instruments, this 90-minute interactive introduction to body mapping will explore mismappings that lead to movement restrictions and muscular compensation. Our suggested ticket price for this workshop is $8 per person. See more on our “pay as you wish” ticketing model below.

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Claire Stefani will host two Body Mapping Workshops at the BKCM Concert Hall on Sunday, March 19 (2:30-4pm) and Thursday, March 23 (4:30-6pm). The workshops are open to all musicians of any age. Children under 10 should be accompanied by an adult. Each workshop is followed by a brief Q&A session.

Click here for tickets for Thursday, March 23.

Sign Up for an Individual Body Mapping Session and Custom Chinrest Fitting:
Claire will also offer Individual Body Mapping Sessions and Custom Chinrest Fittings (for upper strings) before or after her workshops. A reduced fee for individual sessions will be offered to workshop attendees. Please contact Claire directly at or 212.665.2680 to schedule an individual session.

Claire Stefani is a Corrective Exercise Specialist, a licensed Body Mapping educator and an avid amateur violist. She is the founder of Volute Service International, an interface between music instrument/accessory makers and orchestral string instrument players and teachers. One of her fields of expertise is to assist upper string players in optimizing their chin/shoulder rest set-up.

Claire has collaborated with New World Symphony, Met Opera, NewYork Philharmonic, Philadelphia Orchestra, Caramoor’s Evnin Rising Stars, as well as Paris Conservatoire National, Zaragoza Conservatorio Superior de Música and Stockholm Royal College of Music. Her French translation of Jennifer Johnson’s “Teaching Body Mapping to Children” was published in 2019 (Editions Vandevelde).


  • At BKCM, we believe that musical experiences should be accessible to all. Therefore, we have a sliding scale ticket model available for this event. Our suggested ticket price for the program is $8 per person. If you are able to give this amount or more, your valued contribution will help to ensure that BKCM’s musical events remain open to all New Yorkers. If you need to pay a reduced amount, we welcome you to do so.
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