Composition Club (Summer Online Session)


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Age: 8 – 11
Type: Theory
Term: Remote Summer
Term Length: 6 Weeks
Schedule: Mondays at 10:00am
Duration: 1 Hour
Class Size: 10
Price: $180
Instructor: Jenna Girone-Virgilio
Prerequisite: 1 – 2 Years Private Lessons
For the budding songwriter and future film composer, this class will ignite students’ imagination and explore how music is put together. In Level 1, students explore pitch, time signatures and tempos while experimenting with arranging familiar songs and composing original pieces. In the level 2 class, students explore form and orchestration to compose original pieces that are performed live by both student and professional ensembles. Students interact with online notation software such as Noteflight Learn and Flat.IO, gaining familiarity with these tools so they can continue to experiment and compose all summer long. These fun and engaging classes build students’ skills in music theory, notation, sight reading and ear training. No prior experience in composition is necessary for this class, but we recommend that students have one to two year’s experience in private lessons. A computer and a wifi connection are required for this class.
Music Theory
Our newest offering at BKCM, these classes are designed to supplement private lessons with a modern, active approach to music theory that engages students in listening, improvisation and composition.
Registration Info
Do you want to register for a class? Please call 718-622-3300 to speak to one of our registrars, who will guide you through the registration process and answer any questions you might have. For complete information on our registration process and policies please click here