Instrument Adventures

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Project Description

Age: 4-5 Years Old (Pre-K and Kindergarten)
Type: Early Childhood Music
Term: Fall | Spring
Term Length: 15 Weeks


  • Mondays at 3:15pm
  • Mondays at 4:00pm
Duration: 45 Minutes
Class Size: 8
Price: $580
Instructor: Jennifer Taylor

A popular offering at BKCM, students discover music from various parts of the world and explore a range of instruments from the winds, brass, strings and percussion families. Students learn how instruments work through hands-on demonstrations and guest musicians. Students begin to explore the notes of the piano keyboard and in the spring semester, the ukulele, learning basic chords to accompany themselves in song. Singing, moving and drumming to global music is part of each weekly meeting.

Fall Semester (15 weeks)

  • Singing multicultural songs, listening to instruments, responding, improvising and moving to music. Students begin to explore the notes of the piano keyboard, actively engaging with rhythmic notation and composition.

Spring Semester (15 weeks)

  • Holding and playing instruments, composing rhythmic patterns and conducting our class ensemble. Students begin to explore the Ukulele, learning basic chords to accompany themselves and building on the folk songs we have learned in the fall.
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Early Childhood Music at BKCM

Music is inherent in every child, and active participation in a group setting fosters this gift. BKCM’s Early Childhood offerings are designed to set every young learner on a lifelong musical journey. Our teachers are supported by our on-site early childhood specialist(s) and are committed to best practices in early childhood music and development.

All classes take place in our beautiful, light-filled concert hall with plenty of space for movement and wonderful acoustics. After class, parents/caregivers and little ones are welcome to enjoy our lovely community garden. On cold days, linger in the concert hall for a few minutes to say hello and connect with other grown-ups. When toddlers age out of their Early Childhood class, they can continue their musical journey in a warm, familiar space by enrolling in one of our group classes for ages 3 and up.

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