Seeing Your Children in Color

For Parents and Educators


Age: Adults
Time: Wed 8pm
Duration: 1 hour | 8 weeks
Cost: $275
Currently accepting students for semester: Spring 2017
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Michele Horner will be teaching an 8-week course on her groundbreaking new book LIFE LENS.
LIFE LENS is an approach to learning, parenting and interacting with others that illuminates how learning style, pace, motivation and other critical elements inform and transform teaching and communication. It is recommended for parents, educators, and anyone who wants insight into best practices for communication.

Topics will include:

  • How to quickly and organically identify design type
  • How to approach communication with each design type
  • Video examples of actual teaching
  • Ways to integrate audio, visual and kinesthetic approaches
  • How to avoid resistance
  • What motivates your kids and the people around you

A copy of LIFE LENS is required for the class, and can be purchased at the Brooklyn Conservatory registration desk. More information about LIFE LENS can be found at


Sarah Welch, Entrepreneur and Suzuki Mother of 2:

“I have two children who are wired very differently. What motivates one generally has zero impact on the other. Michele’s color system has given me a framework for understanding how each one experiences the world, so that I can do a better job of connecting with them.  Life Lens is like a magic decoder ring for unlocking your child’s motivation.

Noah Blocker-Glynn, Director, The Hartt School Community Division, University of Hartford (CT):

“Our time with Michele was a wonderful “lightbulb moment!” She opened our eyes to a new way of approaching students: Identifying individual learning styles and tailoring instruction for the best possible outcome – and good fun, too.  The Hartt team continues to use this excellent resource!”


Parents, Educators, Social workers, Guidance counselors, Human resources professionals, Coaches and Business owners

LIFE LENS principles apply universally across all ages, classroom groups, and with non-musicians; it’s for anyone who wants insight into best practices for communicating with the people in their lives. By using LIFE LENS, you will be able to hone in on the most effective strategies to communicate with and help your students learn. Parents will learn how to eliminate hidden relationship stressors so that practice or homework time will be happier and more productive. After reading LIFE LENS, you will never see the world in black and white again.


Michele Horner has captivated students and parents across the U.S. and beyond with her dynamic and creative approach to teaching. She has presented her Life Lens workshop as Professional Development for Guidance Counselors and Social Workers of the New York City Department of Education, The Preucil School (Iowa City, IA), the University of Hartford (CT).   A Suzuki guitar teacher for 17 years, she is the former String Director of the State College Suzuki Program (PA), and is currently on the guitar faculty of the Greenwich Suzuki Academy (CT) and is the Head of the Suzuki Guitar Department at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music (NY). Michele is featured in the book GUITAR ZERO: The New Musician and the Science of Learning by Gary Marcus, who describes her as “the single most gifted teacher I encountered.”

Michele is the creator of an “Interactive Journey through Art & Music” – a multimedia workshop which she has presented all over the U.S. as well as in Canada and Italy, and was featured at the 15th Suzuki World Convention in Melbourne, Australia. Her lecture “Listening Like a Maniac” has been watched thousands of times by people all over the world and is now in the permanent video library of the Suzuki Association of the Americas.

Michele graduated from Penn State University, where she still holds school records in field hockey goalkeeping.