Music Appreciation and Theory for Adults


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Age Range: 18+
Type: Theory
Term: Winter Session
Schedule: Thursdays – 7:45 pm
Duration: 75 minutes
Price: $300

Are you curious how music works? Ever wonder how Beethoven created a masterpiece out of just 4 simple notes? What makes the magic of a theme by Mozart and how are the funky rhythms of a James Brown drum beat notated? This class is open to all who have an interest in gaining more appreciation for how music is put together. No prior music theory is required for this class. If you happen to have a child studying music at the Conservatory, this class will help you keep up and open up a whole new way to listen and interact with music!

BKCM offers tuition-free enrollment for this class to all students currently taking private lessons. For further details on this program, please speak to a registrar.

Registration Info

Do you want to register for a class? Please call 718-622-3300 to speak to one of our registrars, who will guide you through the registration process and answer any questions you might have.

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