Music Notation, Ear Training and Theory

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  • Level 1: 8-10 with 1-2 Years Private Lesson experience
  • Level 2: 10-12 with 2-3 Years Private Lesson experience
  • Level 3: 12-16 with 3-4 Years Private Lesson experience
Type: Theory & Composition
Term: Annual
Term Length: 30 Weeks


  • Level 1: Wednesdays at 3:30pm, 4:15pm
  • Level 2: Wednesdays at 5:00pm
  • Level 3: Saturdays at 2:00pm
Duration: 45 Minutes
Class Size: 8
Price: $1,160 | $580 for Students Enrolled in Private Lessons
Instructor: Ian Davis
Prerequisite: 1-4 years private lesson experience or recommendation from private lesson teacher

Each class includes active listening, analysis, composition and notation. This course is offered as a yearlong program at a reduced rate to private lesson students. Levels 2 and 3 will prepare students for advanced middle school and high school music programs.

LEVEL 1 • Ages 8 to 10 with 1-2 Years Private Lesson Experience
Note identification, ear training and rhythmic diction. Students begin to explore chords, scales, harmony and melody and concepts such as key signatures and time signatures.

LEVEL 2 • Ages 10 to 12 with 2-3 Years Private Lesson Experience
Building on their basic knowledge, students go deeper into the mechanics of how the western scale is constructed, the circle of fifths, key centers and form.

LEVEL 3 • Ages 12 to 16 with 3-4 Years Private Lesson Experience
For students with experience in Level 2, this class offers an introduction to four-part writing, Bach progressions as well as score analysis and critical listening.

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Music Theory, Composition & Songwriting

Our theory, composition and songwriting classes are more than just a supplement to private lessons. Leveled by age and experience, our beginner programs will help students advance in their private lessons while building essential musicianship skills and developing their creativity in a fun, low-pressure group setting. Our registrars, private lesson teachers and program directors will guide you to the right class for your student.

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