Musical Theatre Workshop Level 2

Posted on09 Jun 2020
For students with some experience in musical theatre, young performers expand healthy singing techniques—including breath control, posture and diction—while exploring classic and contemporary musical theatre repertoire.

Jazz Instrumental Lab

Posted on09 Jun 2020
In this weekly small group ensemble, jazz musicians at an intermediate level have the opportunity to collaborate, improvise, rehearse and develop the confidence for public performance.

Bluegrass Jam

Posted on09 Jun 2020
Vocalists and string, guitar and mandolin players are invited to experience the historicAmerican music of bluegrass. Taught by expert bluegrass musicians, in a fun jam-style approach, students experience the joys of leading, improvising and accompanying traditional folk songs and old-time music.

Brass Ensemble

Posted on09 Jun 2020
Brass ensemble is for young students with at least two years of private lessons. Playing in an ensemble is essential for any brass musician where they can learn important elements such as how to play in tune, blend and support their sound and balance within a section. Students work on intermediate brass repertoire including classical, pop and jazz selections.

Beginner Piano for Adults

Posted on09 Jun 2020
Open to adults who are either completely new to the piano have had some prior experience at a beginner level. In a relaxed small group setting, students receive individual attention and helpful resources to familiarize them with the piano.

Theory of Harmony (Advanced Level)

Posted on09 Jun 2020
This course is designed for advanced musicians who have had previous experience studying theory and harmony. This introductory course to the Schoenberg Theory of Harmony will cover topics including chord voicing, 4 part writing, voice leading, progressions and the preparation and resolution of dissonance.

Music Theory for Adults (Beginner Level)

Posted on09 Jun 2020
This class covers the building blocks of music such as notation, harmony, melody and rhythm. For adults who are interested in appreciating and understanding how music works, this class requires no prior training in music and will bring a fresh perspective to the music you listen to everyday.

Composition Club

Posted on09 Jun 2020
For the budding songwriter and future film composer, this class will ignite students’ imagination and provide a solid foundation in music theory.

Private Lessons

Posted on08 Jun 2020
Private lessons are a core learning experience at BKCM and are available for every major instrument including voice. Drawing from a diverse faculty of world-class musicians and educators, we match each student to a teacher whose approach and experience fit their learning style.

Summer Sound Bytes

Posted on29 May 2020
For students enrolled in individual adaptive lessons and group classes, our remote Summer Sound Bytes classes provide an opportunity to practice musical skills in a group context. Groups are led by music educators with degrees in music therapy and focus on enhancing the musical skills and experiences gained through our regular program. Summer Sound Bytes classes are open to all students currently enrolled in individual adaptive lessons and group classes.