Community Klezmer Band

Posted on18 May 2020
This is a great opportunity for those who might be interested in trying a new genre and who haven't played klezmer music before! This session is geared toward advanced beginner / intermediate players ages 12+ with 2+ years of experience.

Klezmer Accompaniment Crash Course: Learning How to Play “Sekund”

Posted on14 May 2020
This session is open to all strings, woodwinds, brass, piano and accordion players with 2+ years experience on their instrument. This session is geared toward advanced beginner / intermediate players who want to learn the secrets and inner workings of Klezmer Sekund! (accompaniment)


Posted on13 May 2020
This camp offers young singers an opportunity to advance their singing technique while empowering them with arranging and recording skills. They’ll learn healthy singing technique, vocal arranging skills and performance preparation as both an ensemble singer and soloist.


Posted on13 May 2020
Heat up your jazz and improvisation skills this summer online! Students of all levels and experience with jazz are welcome. Students work in small groups and masterclasses with a top-notch faculty who are active in the creative jazz community, developing skills in improvisation and jazz theory.


Posted on13 May 2020
Based on our popular Piano Friends classes, this online camp offers a fun, interactive approach to learning piano in small groups of 4-6 students. Our engaging curriculum will have students reading and playing music in no time, with access to online videos and materials to practice at home.

SECE (Suzuki Early Childhood Education)

Posted on13 May 2020
Bond with your little one through music! A gateway to our world-class Suzuki program, children and parents learn and interact with other families through music, gently developing social-emotional skills, vocabulary, motor, number, pitch, singing, and listening skills.

Ruth’s Rhythm Dance Party

Posted on13 May 2020
Put your instrument away and just show up ready to MOVE! Sharpen your rhythm-reading skills, build coordination, and fertilize your brain while moving to your favorite pop, movie, classical, and Broadway tunes.

Yoga for Young Musicians

Posted on12 May 2020
With stories created around the Suzuki book 1 repertoire, children ages 3 - 6 will sing, move and experience the pieces in their bodies before learning them on their instruments.

Indian Rhythm Workshop

Posted on12 May 2020
Konnakol, Bols, and Spoken Rhythms - an introduction to the Vocal Rhythm Systems of North and South India!