Basic Music Theory for Parents of Young Musicians

Posted on12 May 2020
Over the course of their child’s music lessons, parents would like to understand the music theory on a deeper level. This class will cover a more in depth level of music theory to help parents have greater understanding.


Posted on12 May 2020
A unique experience melding visual art and music. Students will travel from the Middle Ages through the Contemporary period, learning how to identify music and art from each era, all while having a great time!

Summer Remote Private Lessons

Posted on11 May 2020
Private lessons, available on every major instrument and voice, are the core of the learning experience at BKCM. Lessons are available online for all skill levels

Music Partners Remote Private Lessons

Posted on13 Apr 2020
Type: Music Partners Private Lessons Term: Special 10 week remote term begins April 13 with rolling registration Duration: 30 min Price: Speak to…

Remote Private Lessons

Posted on07 Apr 2020
Private lessons, available on every major instrument including voice, are the core of the learning experience at BKCM. Offered remotely, join the BKCM community with world-class teachers, technology assistance, online materials, and all the support you need for a successful remote lesson.

History of Jazz

Posted on20 Nov 2019
This class is a guided listening experience that covers jazz from the early 1920s to the present day, this class will open your ears to one of America’s original art forms.

Violin Friends

Posted on15 Jul 2019
Students begin their journey with the violin in a cheerful group setting which Integrates elements of improvisation and composition as well as essential musicianship skills such as sight reading, ear training and singing.

Beginner Vocal Ensemble

Posted on12 Jul 2019
Are you a singer looking to find your voice? If you’ve never had formal training or would like to start singing again, this course will help you build confidence and discover vocal technique in a fun, supportive and nurturing setting.

Creative Music Ensemble

Posted on12 Jul 2019
Students learn advanced jazz repertoire and theory and are encouraged to compose, arrange and rehearse their own music in class. This course will prepare students for advanced high school and college level jazz programs.