Piano Ensemble

Posted on10 Jul 2019
In a fun and rewarding social setting, grouped with like instruments in small groups, students perform classic pop, rock and classical pieces that are tailor made to match their level and experience.

Music Adventures

Posted on09 Jul 2019
Students use their imagination to create their own adventures based on musical elements, getting an early taste of what it’s like to work as a musical ensemble.

Sing & Play (Online)

Posted on09 Jul 2019
Sing and Play will have you bouncing and singing with your little one all day long. Our repertoire promotes motor skill development, singing, listening and playing small percussion instruments.

Composition Club Summer Camp

Posted on08 Aug 2018
What’s your song? Music composition encourages students to dream big and explore the power of music. No prior experience in music notation is necessary.

Brooklyn Harmonics Teens

Posted on27 Jul 2018
This teen singing ensemble will learn and perform music across the spectrum of pop, rock, jazz, and world music, arranged especially for this ensemble’s skill level by Jeff Klitz.

Instrument Adventures

Posted on26 Jul 2018
Students travel the world through music and explore in-depth a range of instruments found in the wind, brass, string, and percussion families.

Amy Winehouse Jazz Explorers

Posted on30 May 2018
This program focuses on developing young female identifying and gender non-binary leaders in jazz through mentorship, performance, and collaboration with professional musicians.

Bluegrass Summer Jam

Posted on24 Apr 2018
Calling all vocalists, string and guitar players—come experience the truly American music of Bluegrass!

Big Bad Brass Band

Posted on14 Jun 2017
Dust off your old trombone, saxophone, clarinet, or snare drum! All brass and wind instruments and percussion are welcome, at any level and any age, for BKCM’s community brass band.

Suzuki Method

Posted on01 Apr 2017
The Suzuki Method is recognized worldwide as a highly effective approach for teaching children the language of music. Generations of students have begun a lifelong journey of musical enrichment through this approach.