Intro to Songwriting for Teens


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Age: 12-18
Type: Theory & Composition
Term: Fall (Starts Oct. 16) | Spring
Term Length: Fall: 12 Weeks | Spring: 15 Weeks
Schedule: Saturdays at 3:15pm
Duration:  90 Minutes
Class Size: 8
Price: Fall: $422 ($211 for Students Enrolled in Private Lessons) | Spring: $527 ($264 for Students Enrolled in Private Lessons)
Instructors: Joy Askew, Alexis Hightower
Call 718-622-3300 and mention “BKCM HOLIDAY” to receive 10% off this class for the spring semester.
Offer valid for new students only until December 23, 2021.

Learn to express yourself and tell your story with music!

Are you a singer, lyricist or musician who’d like to find a creative community to connect with? Come join Intro to Songwriting for Teens!

Bring any idea with you – a melody, a lyric, a rhythm, a track, or even just an idea about what a song can be. You will learn how to develop a lyric- and songwriting process with others. Students should be interested in collaboration and do not need prior music experience.

This collaborative workshop covers:

  • Exploring song form and song structure
  • Creating playlists to better understand and develop your musical tastes
  • Studying how other songwriters approach music
  • Tapping into your creativity and channeling it musically
  • Writing and listening exercises
  • Writing songs and sharing/receiving feedback

Students are encouraged to bring in music that is inspiring to them and find out what makes it great. After every class, you will have a short songwriting task that you will share with the class each week.

All you need to get started is an open mind, a love for music, and the willingness to share your process with other music-lovers in a creative and supportive environment.

Learn from experts Joy Askew, whose songs have captured the attention of Quincy Jones and has performed and worked with Peter Gabriel and Sufjan Stevens, and Alexis Hightower, a singer, writer, multi-instrumentalist and actress who has worked with Roy Hargrove, Kareem Riggins, Duane Eubanks, Saul Williams and more.

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