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18 Jul 2016

Life Lens: Seeing Your Children in Color — A brilliant new guide for parents & educators by BKCM faculty Michele Horner

BKCM Suzuki guitar teacher Michele Horner‘s new book LIFE LENS: Seeing Your Children in Color is now available in bookstores, just in time to make the summer reading lists of parents and educators.   LIFE LENS is an essential guide to learning how to customize communication and avoid relationship collisions with your children.  After reading LIFE LENS, you will never see the world in black and white again.

Each child, according to Horner, learns differently.  In LIFE LENS, she identifies seven Life Lens types (a different concept than personality types) that will help you understand how each of your children learn and the best strategies to teach them.

“I have two children who are wired very differently. What motivates one generally has zero impact on the other. Michele’s color system has given me a framework for understanding how each one experiences the world, so that I can do a better job of connecting with them. Life Lens is like a magic decoder ring for unlocking your child’s motivation.”  — Sarah Welch, Entrepreneur and Suzuki Mother of 2

REGISTER FOR THE 8-WEEK LIFE LENS CLASS (beginning September 14, 2016)

Copies of Life Lens are available for purchase at the registrar’s desk.

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