All Ages

Klezmer Summer Intensive (Teens & Adults)

This ensemble is open to all strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion and accordion players with two or more years of experience on their instrument. This session is geared toward advanced beginner/intermediate players.

Intro to Singing for Adults

If you’ve never had formal training or would like to start singing again, this course is for you. Intro to Singing will help students discover vocal technique, warm-up exercises and guided meditations that bring an awareness to the body in preparation for singing.

Beginner Group Guitar (Adults)

Almost any song can be learned with the knowledge of a few chords. Open to adults who are either completely new to the guitar or have had minimal prior experience, this relaxed small group class gives students individual attention and helpful resources to learn simple chords and melodies.

Remote Private Lessons

Private lessons, available on every major instrument including voice, are the core of the learning experience at BKCM. Offered remotely, join the BKCM community with world-class teachers, technology assistance, online materials, and all the support you need for a successful remote lesson.