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Social Sound Bytes

For students enrolled in individual adaptive lessons, our remote Social Sound Bytes classes provide an opportunity to practice musical skills in a group context.

Instrument Adventures Summer Extension

Students travel the world through music and explore in-depth a range of instruments found in the wind, brass, string, and percussion families.

Intro to DJ

A fun introduction to the fundamental and creative elements of DJ and what it takes to put together a DJ set. Students learn mixing, scratching and drum breaks along with song structure, musical phrasing and DJ notation.

An Introduction to Indian Classical Music

This course will introduce students to the building blocks of Indian classical music (Ragas). No previous technical knowledge of music is necessary. Students will gain an understanding of how to listen and appreciate the music by studying cornerstone artists, the style’s historical evolution and technical development through lecture, discussion, videos, readings and deep listening.

Jazz and Gender

This philosophy, sociology and history class considers the unsung heroes in jazz (including women and musicians identifying as LGBTQIA+) and gender as a construct in our society.

Ukulele Adventures

This class is for the child that is ready to learn basic chords and accompany themselves. An extension to our popular Instrument Adventures program, this class features music that students will be familiar with and are fun to learn and sing along to.

Vocal Workshop for Singers and Singer-Songwriters

For singers who have experience singing in groups and solo, this workshop is designed to develop a personal approach to interpreting songs, build performance skills In a small, nurturing environment, students develop vocal technique and breath control, discover warm-up exercises and guided meditations that bring an awareness to the body in preparation for singing.

Beginner Vocal Class

If you’ve never had formal training or would like to start singing again, this course will help students discover vocal technique, warm-up exercises and guided meditations that bring an awareness to the body in preparation for singing.

Musical Theatre Workshop Level 2

For students with some experience in musical theatre, young performers expand healthy singing techniques—including breath control, posture and diction—while exploring classic and contemporary musical theatre repertoire.

Jazz Instrumental Lab

In this weekly small group ensemble, jazz musicians at an intermediate level have the opportunity to collaborate, improvise, rehearse and develop the confidence for public performance.
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