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Klezmer Summer Intensive (Teens & Adults)

This ensemble is open to all strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion and accordion players with two or more years of experience on their instrument. This session is geared toward advanced beginner/intermediate players.

Jazz Instrumental Lab Intensive (Adults)

In this week-long, small-group ensemble, jazz musicians of all skill levels have the opportunity to collaborate, improvise, rehearse and develop the confidence for public performance.

Amy Winehouse Summer Jazz Camp

Heat up your jazz and improvisation skills this summer! Students of all levels and experience with jazz are welcome. Students work in small groups and masterclasses with top-notch faculty, developing skills in improvisation and jazz theory.

Groove Lab

Groove Lab offers students a fun, interactive deep dive into the study of making electronic beats, rhythms and grooves.

Brooklyn Harmonics Teens

Co-Directors Jeff Klitz and Christine Cornell lead twelve dedicated teen singers for the select vocal performance ensemble Brooklyn Harmonics Teens.

Beginner Group Guitar (Adults)

Almost any song can be learned with the knowledge of a few chords. Open to adults who are either completely new to the guitar or have had minimal prior experience, this relaxed small group class gives students individual attention and helpful resources to learn simple chords and melodies.

Bluegrass Jam

Vocalists and string, guitar and mandolin players are invited to experience the historic American music of bluegrass. Taught by expert bluegrass musicians, in a fun jam-style approach, students experience the joys of leading, improvising and accompanying traditional folk songs and old-time music.

Brass Ensemble

Brass ensemble is for young students with at least two years of private lessons. Playing in an ensemble is essential for any brass musician where they can learn important elements such as how to play in tune, blend and support their sound and balance within a section. Students work on intermediate brass repertoire including classical, pop and jazz selections.

Beginner Group Piano (Adults)

This class is open to adults who are either completely new to the piano or have had some prior experience at a beginner level. In a relaxed small group setting, students receive individual attention and helpful resources to familiarize them with the piano.

Intermediate Theory

Designed for older teen and adult students who have some prior experience with music theory. This class is an excellent supplement to private lessons on any instrument.