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This camp offers young singers an opportunity to advance their singing technique while empowering them with arranging and recording skills. They’ll learn healthy singing technique, vocal arranging skills and performance preparation as both an ensemble singer and soloist.

BKCM Summer Jazz Camp

Heat up your jazz and improvisation skills this summer! Students of all levels and experience with jazz are welcome. Students work in small groups and masterclasses with top-notch faculty, developing skills in improvisation and jazz theory.

BKCM Summer Strings, Guitar & Piano Camp

Join us for a great week of summer music-making! This full-day drop-off camp for piano, violin, viola, cello, guitar and bass students includes a daily semi-private lesson plus an ensemble class led by an expert instructor!


[Enrollment for this camp is full.] Based on our popular Piano Friends classes, this camp offers a fun, interactive approach to learning piano in small groups. Our engaging curriculum will have students reading and playing music in no time.

Brooklyn Winds, Brass & Percussion Camp (Brooklyn Band Academy)

For woodwinds, brass and percussion students who want to keep the music going this summer.

Brooklyn Harmonics Teens

Brooklyn Harmonics Teens, co-directed by Jeff Klitz and Christine Cornell, sing dynamic, close-harmony arrangements of pop, rock, jazz and world music, as well as some original tunes. All members sing solos, backed by their ensemble mates. Brooklyn Harmonics Teens is a top-tier group that performs at BKCM and throughout the community, singing on mic and accompanied by a band. Teens will perform together with the Brooklyn Harmonics Tweens and Twenty+ groups May 3 in an exciting cross-generational concert. 

Beginner Guitar (Adults)

Open to adults who are either completely new to the guitar or have had minimal prior experience, this relaxed, small group class gives students individual attention and helpful resources to learn simple chords and melodies. Students learn how to coordinate switching from one chord to the next in rhythm while learning familiar songs from a wide variety of genres, from pop and rock to jazz and folk.

Bluegrass Jam

Vocalists, string, guitar and mandolin players are invited to experience the historic American music of bluegrass. Taught by expert bluegrass musicians in a fun jam-style approach, students experience the joys of leading, improvising and accompanying traditional folk songs and old-time music. Students who join this class should be familiar with G, C and D major scales. Each semester culminates in a jam-style performance at BKCM and local bluegrass music festivals.

Brass Ensemble

Brass ensemble is for students who play trombone, trumpet, french horn or tuba and have had a minimum of one year of private lessons or enrollment in a school band program. Playing in a brass ensemble supports students' breath support, tone production and intonation. Ensemble performance is essential for all brass musicians. Blending your sound with other brass musicians supports all aspects of proper brass technique. Students work on intermediate brass repertoire including classical, pop and jazz selections.

Beginner Piano (Adults)

This class is open to students who are either completely new to the piano, or have had some prior experience at a beginner level. In a relaxed, small group setting, students orient their fingers on the keyboard and explore notation, pitch and rhythm. Students also learn how to coordinate their fingers in time, while learning chords and familiar melodies. Instructors advise on how to combine hands together and build finger strength and agility through patterns and finger exercises.