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Intro to Music Theory for Adults

This class is for adults who are interested in understanding the fundamentals of music and covers building blocks such as form, harmony, melody and rhythm. No prior training in music is required for this class, which will bring a fresh perspective to the music you listen to everyday.


For the budding songwriter and future composer, this class will ignite students’ imaginations and provide a solid foundation in music theory.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are a core learning experience at BKCM and are available for every major instrument including voice. Drawing from a diverse faculty of world-class musicians and educators, we match each student to a teacher whose approach and experience fit their learning style.

BKCM Klezmer Ensemble

This is a great opportunity for those who might be interested in trying a new genre and who haven't played klezmer music before! This session is geared toward advanced beginner / intermediate players ages 16+ with 2+ years of experience.

Violin Friends

Students begin their journey with the violin in a cheerful group setting which integrates elements of improvisation and composition as well as essential musicianship skills such as sight reading, ear training and singing.

Music Notation, Ear Training and Theory

Our theory and composition classes are more than just a supplement to private lessons. Leveled by age and experience, our beginner programs will help students advance in their private lessons while building essential musicianship skills and developing their creativity in a fun, low-pressure group setting.

Guitar Ensemble

Guitar ensemble is an opportunity for young guitarists with at least two years of private lesson experience who wish to take their guitar playing to the next level. This ensemble will improve student’s sight reading, chord knowledge and build right hand and left hand technique.

String Ensemble

In addition to private lessons, playing in an ensemble with other strings is essential for students to focus on sound production, sight-reading, tuning, rhythm and setup of the instrument. Young players develop their bow technique, expression and dynamics in a fun group experience.

Piano Ensemble

Piano Ensemble is a supportive, convivial setting for beginner pianists interested in developing musicianship, enhancing listening skills and deepening the musician-instrument connection.

Music Adventures

Children experience music as a group through stories, movement and songs from different cultures. They are introduced to tuned and non-pitched instruments, sing songs and form kinesthetic connections while learning rhythms, patterns, shapes and textures.