Community Ensembles

Brooklyn Conservatory Chorale (BCC)

This dynamic 40+ member mixed choir performs a rich variety of musical styles, both a cappella and with accompaniment from the Renaissance to today.


Students will learn a variety of popular blues forms, scales, lyrics and performance styles connected to the genre. Students will also try their hand at performing, writing and singing the blues. All instruments and voices are welcome.

Brooklyn Harmonics Twenty+

Brooklyn Harmonics Twenty+ sing arrangements of pop tunes (and some originals) written specifically for the group, which are featured in concerts that will also showcase Brooklyn Harmonics Teens and Tweens. Bring your singing joy to the adults of the Brooklyn Harmonics continuum!


Young students bring their voices together in this exciting new group! Brooklyn Harmonics Tweens is a preparatory group for Brooklyn Harmonics Teens. It's a happy approach to singing with other 9- to 13-year-olds


Immerse yourself in the expansive ocean of raga music (South Asian classical music). Traditional music of North and South India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal, including a myriad of small regional folk styles, will be explored with depth and focus.


Through call and response, language, repetition and layers, students will connect with the rich history and culture of various musical drumming traditions and learn basic hand drumming and percussion techniques.

Brooklyn Harmonics Teens

Co-Directors Jeff Klitz and Christine Cornell lead twelve dedicated teen singers for the select vocal performance ensemble Brooklyn Harmonics Teens.

Bluegrass Ensemble

Vocalists and string, guitar and mandolin players are invited to experience the historic American music of bluegrass. Taught by expert bluegrass musicians, in a fun jam-style approach, students experience the joys of leading, improvising and accompanying traditional folk songs and old-time music.

Community Klezmer Band

This is a great opportunity for those who might be interested in trying a new genre and who haven't played klezmer music before! This session is geared toward advanced beginner / intermediate players ages 16+ with 2+ years of experience.

Big Bad Brass Band

Calling all brass, winds and percussion players who want to take their playing to the next level and join us in a rockin' good time. This group plays and performs brass band music from all corners of the globe.