Summer Programs

Instrument Adventures Summer Extension

Students travel the world through music and explore in-depth a range of instruments found in the wind, brass, string, and percussion families.

Summer Sound Bytes

For students enrolled in individual adaptive lessons and group classes, our remote Summer Sound Bytes classes provide an opportunity to practice musical skills in a group context. Groups are led by music educators with degrees in music therapy and focus on enhancing the musical skills and experiences gained through our regular program. Summer Sound Bytes classes are open to all students currently enrolled in individual adaptive lessons and group classes.

Klezmer Accompaniment Crash Course: Learning How to Play “Sekund”

This session is open to all strings, woodwinds, brass, piano and accordion players with 2+ years experience on their instrument. This session is geared toward advanced beginner / intermediate players who want to learn the secrets and inner workings of Klezmer Sekund! (accompaniment)


Heat up your jazz and improvisation skills this summer online! Students of all levels and experience with jazz are welcome. Students work in small groups and masterclasses with a top-notch faculty who are active in the creative jazz community, developing skills in improvisation and jazz theory.

SECE (Suzuki Early Childhood Education)

Bond with your little one through music! A gateway to our world-class Suzuki program, children and parents learn and interact with other families through music, gently developing social-emotional skills, vocabulary, motor, number, pitch, singing, and listening skills.

Ruth’s Rhythm Dance Party

Put your instrument away and just show up ready to MOVE! Sharpen your rhythm-reading skills, build coordination, and fertilize your brain while moving to your favorite pop, movie, classical, and Broadway tunes.

Yoga for Young Musicians

With stories created around the Suzuki book 1 repertoire, children ages 3 - 6 will sing, move and experience the pieces in their bodies before learning them on their instruments.

Dr. Suzuki’s World of Composers

We cover a different composer each week from our Suzuki repertoire and learn all about them.

Basic Music Theory for Parents of Young Musicians

Over the course of their child’s music lessons, parents would like to understand the music theory on a deeper level. This class will cover a more in depth level of music theory to help parents have greater understanding.

Summer Remote Private Lessons

Private lessons, available on every major instrument and voice, are the core of the learning experience at BKCM. Lessons are available online for all skill levels