Flute Ensemble

Flute ensemble will improve students' sight reading, sound production and self expression. Students work on intermediate flute repertoire including classical, pop and jazz selections, and are encouraged to practice their ensemble repertoire outside of class.


Students will learn a variety of popular blues forms, scales, lyrics and performance styles connected to the genre. Students will also try their hand at performing, writing and singing the blues. All instruments and voices are welcome.

BKCM Jazz Program (6th To 12th Grade)

The six main components of the BKCM Jazz Program are: diverse repertoire, creative improvisation, small group work, jazz theory, weekly performances, and masterclass and workshops.

BKCM String Ensembles

Our Suzuki program offers two String Ensembles which are open by audition to any students who play violin, viola, cello or bass. Led by Suzuki instructors, the two ensembles are a wonderful combination of Suzuki, Community Music School (CMS) and non-BKCM string students.


This ensemble focuses on improvisation concepts and strategies such as game pieces, graphic scores and live conduction. Students learn how to respond, lead and support each other in a collaborative improvisation practice.


Immerse yourself in the expansive ocean of raga music (South Asian classical music). Traditional music of North and South India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal, including a myriad of small regional folk styles, will be explored with depth and focus.


Through call and response, language, repetition and layers, students will connect with the rich history and culture of various musical drumming traditions and learn basic hand drumming and percussion techniques.

Jazz Instrumental Lab Intensive (Adults)

In this week-long, small-group ensemble, jazz musicians of all skill levels have the opportunity to collaborate, improvise, rehearse and develop the confidence for public performance.


This camp offers young singers an opportunity to advance their singing technique while empowering them with arranging and recording skills. They’ll learn healthy singing technique, vocal arranging skills and performance preparation as both an ensemble singer and soloist.

BKCM Summer Jazz Camp

Heat up your jazz and improvisation skills this summer! Students of all levels and experience with jazz are welcome. Students work in small groups and masterclasses with top-notch faculty, developing skills in improvisation and jazz theory.