Theory & Composition

Schoenberg Theory of Harmony (Advanced Level)

This course is designed for advanced musicians who have had previous experience studying theory and harmony. This introductory course to the Schoenberg Theory of Harmony will cover topics including chord voicing, 4 part writing, voice leading, progressions and the preparation and resolution of dissonance.

Music Theory for Adults (Beginner Level)

This class covers the building blocks of music such as notation, harmony, melody and rhythm. For adults who are interested in appreciating and understanding how music works, this class requires no prior training in music and will bring a fresh perspective to the music you listen to everyday.

Composition Club

For the budding songwriter and future film composer, this class will ignite students’ imagination and provide a solid foundation in music theory.

Music Theory for Youth and Teens

Our theory and composition classes in the community music school are more than just a supplement to private lessons. Leveled by age and experience; our beginner programs will help students advance in their private lessons while building essential musicianship skills and developing their creativity in a fun, low pressure group setting.