Musical Theater Youth Workshop

Students who love musical theatre learn healthy singing techniques—including breath control, posture and diction—while exploring classic and contemporary musical theatre repertoire. Students explore how to make motivated choices on stage and build performance and rehearsal skills through musical theatre games and activities; and they work collaboratively to produce an original play featuring a variety of popular musical theater tunes and current hits. Each semester ends with a final performance.

Suzuki Method

The Suzuki Method is recognized worldwide as a highly effective approach for teaching children the language of music. Generations of students have begun a lifelong journey of musical enrichment through this approach.

On-Site Music Therapy

In Music Therapy, the developmental, emotional, psychological and social needs of children and adults are addressed through active music-making in a relationship with a music therapist.

Guitar Friends

Students learn how to strum chords, pick melodies and produce a satisfying sound on the guitar. Intended for budding guitarists aged 5-6 years old, students learn how to position the guitar on their bodies and care for the instrument. They also learn songs that help demonstrate the mechanics of the guitar, such as tuning. Play-along tracks and practice videos keep students engaged all week long while the small class size ensures that each child receives some individual attention. Students interact with both standard notation and guitar tablature to learn chords and melodies in a variety of genres and styles. At the end of each semester, students perform in a group recital, building confidence and performance skills.