After months of meticulous research and extraordinary amounts of work and facilities investment, we resumed in-person lessons in addition to pod classes on October 19th under a hybrid, reduced capacity model. Thanks to our amazing facilities task force who created a gold standard in Covid-19 prevention. While our goal is to seamlessly welcome back as many of our students and faculty as possible, we know and expect many unique circumstances, all of which will be handled with the utmost consideration.

Our handbook offers a comprehensive guide to in-person instruction at BKCM.
Here are some important points:

  • Most students will be able to resume in-person lessons on a rolling two weeks in person, two weeks remote, basis.
  • If you choose hybrid lessons, your Program Director will be in touch with next steps. Please see the Hybrid Lesson Rotation Calendar here.
  • CMS group lessons will generally continue remotely unless you are part of one of our pod learning classes.
  • Music Therapy will continue remotely, at least through the end of the year.
  • Students are welcome to continue their lessons remotely. we are not requiring our faculty to return for in person teaching. We know and expect many exceptions and unique circumstances, all of which will be handled with the utmost consideration.
  • All students, faculty, staff and family members will be required to present a negative PCR Covid-19 test in order to start in-person lessons. The test must be taken within two weeks of the in person start date.

The staff and faculty truly look forward to seeing you (masks and all!) and we’re excited for music to echo through BKCM’s halls again.

Yes you CAN still register for the 2020 – 2021 school year!

Many of our Community Music School (CMS) groups and ensembles will meet remotely, but we still have private lesson availability for both in-person and remote instruction. For information on enrollment and to sign up for a trial lesson, please call our registrars at (718) 622-3300.

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