Staff Directory

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR   Chad Cooper   phone:718-622-3300 x213

DIRECTOR OF ADMINISTRATION   Michaela Mechlovitz   phone:718-622-3300 x214

CONTROLLER   Shameeza Chandarpal  phone:718-622-3300 x229

FINANCE ASSISTANT   Alisa Bruza   phone:718-622-3300

DIRECTOR OF MARKETING AND DEVELOPMENT  Rose Crichton   phone:718-622-3300 ext 232

MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER   Martin Porter   phone:718-622-3300 x227

MARKETING ASSISTANT   Erin Gallagher  phone: 718-622-3300 x224

DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATE Cara Search   phone:718-622-3300 x226

email:   phone:718-622-3300 x226

FINANCE & SPECIAL PROJECTS MANAGER   Miranda Knutson   phone:718-622-3300 x223

OPERATIONS ASSOCIATE   Juvenal Santiago  phone:718-622-3300 ext 219

HEAD REGISTRAR   Fatima Jihada   phone:718-622-3300 x210

REGISTRAR & OPERATIONS SPECIALIST   Douglas Bradford   phone:718-622-3300

REGISTRAR & OPERATIONS SPECIALIST   Alex Selawsky   phone:718-622-3300

REGISTRAR & OPERATIONS SPECIALIST Bryan Cabrera Perez  phone:718-622-3300

GRAPHIC DESIGNER   Jeff Yas   phone:718-622-3300

MUSIC PARTNERS DIRECTOR Dorothy Savitch   phone:718-622-3300 x221

MUSIC PARTNERS ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR Sheri Gottlieb   phone:718-622-3300

MUSIC THERAPY DIRECTOR   Toby Willams   phone:718-622-3300 x216

MUSIC THERAPY ONSITE COORDINATOR   Christina Sterrett Caliz  phone:718-622-3300 x212

COMMUNITY MUSIC SCHOOL DIRECTOR Brian Drye phone: 718-622-3300 x230

SUZUKI DIRECTOR Julianne Carney-Chung phone: 718-622-3300 x225

SUZUKI PROGRAM ASSISTANT   Joseph Swift   phone:718-622-3300