Weston Minissali


Weston Minissali began teaching piano at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music in 2015, specializing in beginner and intermediate students. He graduated Magna Cum Laude in 3 years from the Purchase College Conservatory of Music where he studied under the Grammy Award Winning composer and conductor Joel Thome.

An active performing musician in the Brooklyn avantgarde music scene, Weston’s ensembles and compositions have also toured extensively throughout North America and Europe. His compositions awarded him art residencies at The Millay Colony for The Arts as well as Art Farm Nebraska.

His educational approach prioritizes meeting each student exactly where they are in their musical and personal development. Rather than applying a rigid structure, Weston draws from a variety of techniques to cater to each student’s needs and interests. Whether it be jazz, classical, pop, songwriting, or reading music for the first time, his ultimate goal is to inspire the student. His dedicated practice as a composer often leads him to encourage his students to begin their own compositional journey early. To empower people through creativity is what most motivates him as a teacher.