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20 Jun 2016

Welcoming BKCM’s Summer Intern Team!


Every year BKCM introduces summer interns to help among our team. This year we are excited to welcome three students from across the UK, and one from our hometown Brooklyn, NY. They will be with us for two months, where we will be able to support them in learning new skills in their chosen field. Discover more about each intern!

Leora Kent Development Assistant

At 20 years old, Leora Kent is our Development Assistant. From North London, England, Leora has just finished her second year in International History and Politics at the University of Leeds. Starting her singing lessons aged 8, Leora has always enjoyed music. Her other interests in writing, research and traveling drove her to BKCM to gain experience in a working environment, as well as giving her the opportunity to live in New York. Next year Leora will be taking a year out from University to do a placement in politics in London before returning to complete her degree. In the future, Leora hopes to have a career in public affairs or political journalism.

Francesca Page Marketing Assistant

Francesca grew up in the small town of Bath, England and is currently studying on a four year BA Business and Management degree at the University of Exeter. With a passion to combine her business background and creative side, which stemmed from performing arts training, Francesca has always wanted to head into marketing or advertising. Seizing the opportunity to live in New York, Francesca jumped at the chance to become our Marketing Assistant. From September she has arranged a year abroad and will continue studying her degree at Lund University, Sweden.

Alistair Patrick Finance Assistant

From North Manchester, England, Alistair has come to New York to become BKCM’s Finance Assistant. Just finishing his first year of a BA Accounting and Finance degree at Manchester Metropolitan University, Alistair was keen to learn more about his field. Since a young age, Alistair has been fascinated by New York through movies and his favorite NFL team, the NY Jets. He also has a passion for music, previously playing the trombone, which along with his desire to help benefit local communities, led him to BKCM. Outside of work Alistair enjoys mountain biking and camping, although for the future he hopes to finish his degree and continue in a career in tax or audit.

Kristina Toro Program Assistant

Kristina is from Brooklyn, New York, and decided to take the internship while she is home from Connecticut College for the summer. She is currently studying to be a History Major but in her spare time decided to take up free singing lessons they had on offer. Ever since, it has become her dream to enter into the music industry and hopefully one day become a professional singer. After hearing about BKCM, she became so passionate about what the company does and wanted to get involved. For Kristina, the inaccessibility of music programs when she was younger has developed her love to help students today gain positive relationships to music.