Guitar Department

Guitar Department Resources

Hello from the plucked string wing of the Community Music School. We offer all ages, playing
levels and styles of instruction on electric and acoustic guitar, electric bass, ukulele, banjo and
other related plucked string instruments with which our talented and varied guitar faculty can
assist. A variety of ensembles and workshop/classes provide additional opportunities for music
making and exploration. Our faculty can accommodate those who want to learn the basics and
playing simple songs to those preparing for college auditions, from shredding Metallica to Bach
preludes, from bluegrass technique to jazz improv and whatever else you desire to learn.

Guitar Department Chair:

Michele Temple

Wind, Brass & Percussion Department

Wind & Brass Department Resources

Hello from the Winds and Brass Department at the Community Music School!  This department encompasses a variety of instruments; including Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Euphonium, and Tuba!  Our supportive and expert faculty offer individual lessons on these instruments for all skill levels and musical styles.  From learning your first notes, preparing for an audition or recital, or learning for your own enrichment, we are here to help you with your musical goals.  We also offer a variety of group classes and ensembles to give students the opportunity to perform with other students at the Community Music School.

Wind & Brass Department Chair:

Pablo Masis

Bowed String Department

Bowed String Department Resources

Welcome to the bowed string department of the CMS division, which includes violin, viola, cello, and bass.  CMS offers a variety of ensembles in addition to private lessons to help you grow as a musician and find your unique sound.  It’s important to play on a quality instrument to get the most out of your learning experience. 

We recommend renting or buying an instrument from these shops:

BKCM offers two levels of string orchestras, Praeludium Strings, for the beginner reader, and Sinfonia Strings, for the more advanced reader, open to all students by audition. Placed by experience and age, students perform a variety of repertoire including everything from classical to pop and improvisation. Taught by BKCM Suzuki faculty, students expand their sight-reading skills, while developing the ability to follow a conductor, and play together. Students are encouraged to practice ensemble repertoire with their private lesson teacher. 

Bowed String Department Chair:

Jennifer Axelson

Piano & Harp Department

Piano & Harp Department Resources

Welcome to the Piano and Harp Department at Brooklyn Conservatory! I’m Lucia Stavros, and I’ve had the pleasure of serving as a Department Chair with the Community Music School since 2022. 

Our world class faculty provide students of all ages and abilities the chance to develop technical knowledge, learn or improve on note reading, explore new repertoire, and much more. The Piano and Harp department is home to faculty with expertise in styles ranging from jazz, classical, latin, rock, pop, and everything in between. Learn more about our faculty at our website and give us a call at 718-622-3300 to schedule a trial lesson today. 

Piano & Harp Department Chair:

Lucia Stavros

Voice Department

Voice Department Resources

Hello from the BKCM Vocal Department!  Our voice faculty is composed of expert vocalists and technicians with a wide range of professional experience. Instruction is offered in many musical styles for levels beginner to advanced.  These styles range from Classical, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Musical Theatre and more. Musical skills such as music reading, ear training, intonation and interpretive expression are also covered in your lessons. Your individual musical goals can be curated with your instructor. Private voice lessons are recommended for ages 8 and up. Your voice teacher can also help you apply your singing skills in one of our many age appropriate ensembles. Ask us for guidance. We are here to help you on your unique singing journey.

Voice Department Chair

Christine Cornell