What is the Community Music School?

The Community Music School at BKCM provides music instruction in a wide variety of instruments, genres, and ensemble types. We offer private and group lessons as well as ensemble performance opportunities on a tuition-based model, and we strive to provide financial assistance when possible as part of our commitment to our mission. We invite you to explore our offerings and connect with us to register!

Community Music School Core Values


Our students are excited, curious and open to new experiences. 


Our faculty and students are encouraged to experiment, take risks, and develop independence through musical enrichment. Students cultivate personal expression and are empowered to find their individual voice.


We support both students and faculty in their goals for musical development and artistic achievement. We embrace new challenges and develop tools to reflect and assess their progress.


Students, faculty and caregivers model supportive behavior, resilience and patience.

Music Lessons & Classes


The Community Music School offers a myriad of group classes that range from theory and composition to beginner instruction in a group setting on piano, guitar and voice. While some classes are leveled based on students’ experience, most classes have an entry level option for students at a beginner level to participate in. While not specifically designed for performance, our group classes all make room for participatory learning, often with hands-on instruction and opportunities for performing on an instrument, singing or composing for an ensemble.


Our ensemble programs offer a variety of genres, skill levels and performance opportunities. Many of the ensembles at the community music school are designed to pair with private lessons such as our piano, strings, guitar and vocal ensembles. Some of our ensemble offerings in Jazz and Chamber are part of a larger program offering students a built-in community of other players interested in a particular genre. Some of our ensembles include a placement audition to make sure we have the best possible fit for the students’ level and experience.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are a core learning experience at BKCM and are available for every major instrument including voice. Drawing from a diverse faculty of world-class musicians and educators, we match each student to a teacher whose approach and experience fit their learning style. Our teachers work with each student and family to set goals and prepare an individualized curriculum based on students’ goals and interests. Teachers provide students regular feedback while tracking each student’s growth and areas of need throughout the year. Our teachers have the experience and background to work with students in just about any style or genre of music. No audition or experience is required to begin private lessons.

For guidance in finding your next instructor or to register for lessons, please call the registration desk at 718-622-3300.

Find a Class

Find your next class below! If you need guidance in registering, please call our expert registration team at 718-622-3300.

Registration Information

Tuition Breakdown


$40 Registration Fee. The registration fee is charged upon registration. This fee is paid once per family per school year.  

$40 Payment Plan Fee. If you choose to enroll using one of our automatic payment plan options, you must provide a valid credit card for your payments. The payment plan fee is paid whenever a student registers and doesn’t pay in full. Once per term (annual or semester), per family unit. There are no payment plans for the Summer term.  

$40 Late/Missed Payment Fee.

Payment Plan Options*

Bi-Annual Payment Plan

  • 50% at time of registration and 50% on January 16th

Monthly Installment Payment Plan (Semester term)

  • First installment due at the time of registration. Monthly payments are prorated based on when you register and charged monthly ending December 16th

Extended Monthly Payment Plan (Annual term)

  • First installment due at the time of registration. Monthly payments are prorated based on when you register and charged monthly ending April 16th. 

*Policies are subject to change

Financial Aid

Click here to apply for financial aid for the CMS.