Students with 3 or more consecutive absences without notification, will be subject to withdrawal. 

In the event that your teacher is absent, a highly qualified substitute for your lesson, class or ensemble will be provided. 

In the event that BKCM cancels a class, lesson or ensemble for any reason, it will be rescheduled.

In the event that BKCM cancels a class due to insufficient enrollment, a full refund will be granted for classes that have not occurred.

You must notify the registration team 24 hours in advance of your absence by email to or by calling the front desk at 718-622-3300 and leaving a message. Annually based private lesson students are allotted one makeup per school year. Semester Based Adult Students are allotted one makeup per semester. 

Please see the CMS 24-25 calendar for annual and semester makeup days. There are no makeups for group classes. 

Teachers will wait up to 15 minutes for students to arrive at their lesson. If there is no communication informing BKCM of your lateness, the lesson becomes an unexcused absence and no makeup or rescheduling is allowed. Excessive tardiness may result in a withdrawal.

In order to withdraw you must fill out the CMS Withdrawal Form. The date that you submit the CMS Withdrawal Form is considered the official date of your withdrawal. Withdrawal requests must be 24 hours prior to the lesson. Our staff will contact you within 5 business days of your request and the approval may take up to 10 business days to process. 

Refunds for Private Lessons: BKCM retains a refund penalty equal to the cost of 4 lessons past the lessons that have already transpired. This includes lessons that occur within 24 hours of the withdrawal date. In some cases, refunds will not be possible if there are not enough lessons to cover the refund penalty.  In this instance, you may opt for a credit. For students who are paying by installment plan, if the cost of tuition for transpired lessons/classes plus the refund penalty have not yet been met, you will be responsible for the remaining balance.

From the point at which your withdrawal is approved refunds may take up to 14 business days to be processed.

Credits for Private Lessons: There is no refund penalty for credit withdrawals. Credits for private lessons are active for one year from the date the credit is issued. BKCM Credits expire one year from the date issued and once credited, cannot be refunded.

Non-Refundable Fees: Payment plan, registration, and late payment fees are non-refundable. There are no credits or refunds for private lessons during the summer term.

Group Classes and Ensembles: Students enrolled in group classes and ensembles have up to 24 hours after their 1st class to be eligible for withdrawal and receive a refund for the remaining classes or request a transfer (subject to availability). There are no credits allowed for group classes and ensembles.  

The Brooklyn Conservatory of Music offers medical withdrawals with refunds or credit on a case by case basis with a doctor’s note. BKCM credits are valid for one year from the date issued and once credited, cannot be refunded. BKCM Registration and Installment fees are non-refundable. Basis for withdrawals include injuries or illnesses that genuinely impede a student’s abilities to successfully participate in their musical instruction or instrument learning. To request a medical withdrawal, please complete the CMS Withdrawal Form.

Schedule Change:

If you are looking to make a change to a different day or time or change the length of your lesson, please email the registration desk at or call 718-622-3300.

Teacher/Instrument Change Request
If you are looking to make a change to a different teacher or instrument please contact CMS Administrative team at 

The Brooklyn Conservatory of Music aims to transform lives and build community through music. Offering tuition assistance to our students is one of the ways we can achieve that mission. 

All students enrolled at BKCM are subject to the standard Community Music School Policies. The following policies for financial aid recipients are designed to encourage students to maximize their educational experience at BKCM. Non-compliance with any of these policies will result in a review, and possible removal, of financial aid.  In addition, subsequent financial aid applications may not be approved. 

  • Financial aid students who have two consecutive absences without notification to the registrar will be subject to removal of financial aid and withdrawal. 
  • In the event of an absence, the registrar must be notified by emailing or by calling the front desk at 718.622.3300.
  • Financial Aid Students are expected to perform in, or attend, program recitals and encouraged to attend events throughout the school year such as workshops, concerts and public events at BKCM. 

Withdrawal Policy for Financial Aid Recipients

  • Students who wish to withdraw must fill out a CMS Withdrawal Form.
  • Payment will be due for the number of lessons that were scheduled until the date that the withdrawal was confirmed. This includes any unexcused student absences. Tuition will be calculated at the discounted rate (the standard tuition rate less financial aid). 
  • Credits and refunds will be given at the discounted tuition rate. For refunds, the penalty of 4 additional lessons, from the date that the withdrawal is confirmed, will be calculated at the discounted tuition rate.
  • There are no credits or refunds for group classes and ensembles after 24 hours after the student’s first class. 

Onsite Registration

The Brooklyn Conservatory of Music’s (BKCM) Community Music School division offers annual registration on a 32-week calendar year for private lessons in all major instruments. BKCM also offers a variety of group classes and ensembles. Adult private lesson students (18 and over) have the option to register in two 16-week semesters.

Our Registration team is here to help field inquiries and answer any questions you may have about our course and lesson offerings, teachers, and to help find the right fit for every student!

The Registration Process 

  1. Click here to create a Registration account (for new students)
  2. Give us a call to register at 718-622-3300.

Trial Lessons

Students who want to be sure that private lessons are the right fit or just want to try out a specific teacher, have the option to enroll and pay for a single trial lesson before committing to the full term. Trial lessons are scheduled for the next available lesson day for the cost of a single lesson. After the trial lesson, students have 24 hours to contact our Registration team to enroll for the full term. If Registration is not confirmed within 24 hours, the lesson time will be released. Registrars will work with you to set a trial lesson time that works for your regular schedule. Payment is required to complete registration.

Once a trial lesson is booked, it can be rescheduled or refunded with 24 hours notice prior to the trial lesson occurring. Same day cancellations or missed trial lessons are non refundable. Students may take as many trial lessons as they would like, however, you may only book one trial lesson per teacher.

*There are no trials for group classes or ensembles.
**We do not offer trial lessons during the summer semester

Private Lessons

Term Length:

  • 32 Weeks (Annual)
  • 16 Weeks (Semester)

Duration: 30 min, 45 min, 60 min


  • 30 Minute Lesson: $3,136 Annual (32 Weeks) | $1,568 Semester (16 Weeks)
  • 45 Minute Lesson: $3,584 Annual (32 Weeks) | $1,792 Semester (16 Weeks)
  • 60 Minute Lesson: $4,224 Annual (32 Weeks) | $2,112 Semester (16 Weeks)

*Semester based options are only available to Adults 18 years of age and up.

Contact: 718.622.3300,

Private Lesson students of all ages are also eligible for free or reduced tuition for many of our Group Classes and Ensembles. CLICK HERE to browse our full class offerings.

Group Classes & Ensembles

Group classes and ensembles differ from class to class. Students who are enrolled in private lessons receive a substantial discount on group classes and ensembles.


$45 Registration Fee.
The registration fee is an administrative fee charged once per family per school year upon registration.

$45 Payment Plan Fee.
Students who choose to enroll using one of our automatic payment plan options must provide a valid credit card for all scheduled installment payments. The Payment Plan Fee is charged once per school year, per family. There are no payment plans available for the Summer term.

$45 Missed Payment Fee/Returned Check Fee.
Installment payments not made on or before the scheduled due date are subject to a Missed Payment Fee. The Missed Payment Fee is only charged once per missed payment date, per family unit. If a check provided for payment is deposited by BKCM then returned by the bank for non-payment, the payer will be charged a Returned Check Fee.

Payment Plan Options*

Payment Plan Policies
Your first installment is due at the time of registration. Monthly payments are prorated based on when you register. `

Annual Half and Half
50% at time of registration and 50% on January 16th

Fall Semester Monthly Installment Plan
First payment due at the time of the registration and the final payment is charged on November 16th

Annual and Spring Monthly Installment Plan
First payment due at the time of the registration and the final payment is charged on April 16th