Opposites Abstract: Musical Edition!


Saturday March 16, 2024 – 12pm-12:30pm, 2:30pm-3pm

Create bold musical images with us!  The Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, in partnership with The Brooklyn Children’s Museum, is excited to celebrate the opening of the Opposites Abstract exhibit. The exhibit is inspired by children’s author, Mo Willems’s book on opposites. Over two performances, Wolf van Elfmand, Music Therapist at BKCM and composer of album Music for Minors (Ages 3 to 300) will transform the world of opposites into music!  Get ready to interact and go to extremes!

Tickets are now on sale at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum website.

A guitarist and singer from Colorado, Wolf van Elfmand carries on and re-invents the mythic-sized traveling musician. His music patches together a 50s/60s folk revival vocal vibrato with round and sturdy fingerstyle guitar picking like a Rocky Mountain-raised, less acrobatic Chet Atkins. Van Elfmand breathes new life into American folk-country-blues through tales of triumph and leaving, good days and losses. His work is a product of a good sense of humor, a good heart, and his ability to ignore the omnipresent whispers from life asking him to be still.

Van Elfmand keeps moves through feverish bouts of writing, recording, and touring. He’s worn out acoustic guitars with divoted frets and faded bodies in Denver, Austin, New York, and just about any other city, town, or dive you could find on a map. He developed his electric guitar chops and songwriting prowess with American roots group and Colorado favorite, Von Stomper, for the better part of four years. Now, van Elfmand has returned to performing primarily as a solo songster, embarking on lone-wolf tours or sharing stages across the U.S. with the likes of Pokey LaFarge, Willie Watson, Charlie Parr, Dead Horses and Wayne Hancock, often alongside former bandmate Luke Callen. Whether in a studio, Brooklyn rooftop, or Chevrolet, you’ll find van Elfmand crunching the hours creating a variety of music-driven projects.