Beginner Group Guitar (Adults)

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Project Description

Age: Adults
Type: Classes for Adults
Term: Fall (Level A) | Spring (Level B)
Term Length: 15 Weeks
Schedule: Tuesdays at 7:00pm
Duration: 1 Hour
Class Size: 4
Price: $580 | $290 for Students Enrolled in Private Lessons
Instructor: Michele Temple

Almost any song can be learned with the knowledge of a few chords. Open to adults who are either completely new to the guitar or have had minimal prior experience, this relaxed small group class gives students individual attention and helpful resources to learn simple chords and melodies. Students learn how to coordinate switching from one chord to the next in rhythm while learning familiar songs from a wide variety of genres, from pop and rock to jazz and folk. Come join in on the fun and take your first step towards learning the guitar.

Students joining Spring Level B must have completed Fall Level A. New students must have some experience with strumming a few chords in a progression to join Level B.

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Financial aid is available for qualifying students. To apply please contact and fill out the financial aid application.
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