Rent the Recital Hall

Steinway B

The star of our Recital Hall, a brand new Steinway Model B grand piano. This magnificent 6′ 11″ (211 cm) grand piano is often referred to by pianists as “the perfect piano.” 


Lighting features full RGB control on wall sconces and above stage and stage spotlights. Lighting is fully customizable to your event. You can create as many presets/scenes as you wish. All BKCM Event Staff are well trained on the lighting interface. 

4K Projection

Our plug-and-play system features an automated screen with a 4K mounted projector (Optoma UHD60). All of the Recital Hall windows have shutters that can be shut so you have crystal clear, theatre quality video any time of the day. 



SM58 – 5
SM57 – 4
Beta 58A – 3
Sennheiser e835 – 2
Sennheiser e945 – 1
Rode M5 Condensers – 2
Wireless SM58 with PGXD Wireless – 1
Piano Mic – AMT M40 – 1
Upright Bass Mic – DPA 4099 – 1
Rode NT1A Condenser

Backline - Amps and Drums

Guitar- Fender Hot Rod Deluxe – 40W 1×12” Tube amp
Bass – Mark Bass Combo Head II – Mini CMD 121P 1×12 Bass Combo Amp
Drums – Canopus Yaiba Bop Kit

Speakers and Mixer

Mains – 2 X JBL PRX4125M, 1200W 15″
Mixer – Mackie DL16s
Wedges – 2 X JBL EON610


2 X Radial Active DI
2 X Radial Passive DI
1 X Radial ProAV2 Stereo Passive Multimedia Direct Box


What is the capacity of the space?

Fire code capacity of the Recital Hall is 105 people including performers. We can supply chairs for 90 attendees.

Do you provide tables?

Yes, tables are included in your rental. We have the following available:
5 8′ tables
1 6′ tables
1 4′ table

We do not have any rounds. We highly recommend AZ Party Rentals if you need to rent round tables for your event.

Do you provide a laptop for video projection?

Renters are responsible to bring their own device for video projection. We provide the following connections: HDMI, Thunderbolt 2 and 3, mini displayport. We do not have a VGA adapter.

Is use of the Steinway B included in the rental fee?

Yes, but if you would like a fresh piano tuning, there is an additional $250 fee.

Am I allowed to have food and/or drink at my event?

Yes, food/catering is allowed in the space. Wine/beer is allowed to be served if you have a temporary permit from the New York State Liquor Authority.

When is the Recital Hall generally available for rentals?

During the school year:
Friday-Sunday evenings are your best bet. Due to our own programming, the hall is generally not available Mon-Thurs evenings.

Monday-Thursday is available between 12-3pm

Friday is available starting at 9am

DOE Calendar:
Our onsite classes generally follow the DOE calendar. When there is a DOE holiday, it is likely that the Recital Hall will be available to rent.

Summer Availability:
Summer weekends are most flexible. The hall is also often available Mon-Fri, after 5pm.