BKCM Affordable Studio Rental Program

As part of New York Music Month, artists in our community will have access to FREE rental space at the Conservatory until JULY 15! NY Music Month is an initiative of the NYC Mayor’s Office of Media + Entertainment.

We are pleased to offer our 17 studios—each home to a brand new Steinway piano—as affordable rehearsal and studio space for artists working in New York City to gather and engage in creative and cultural practices. We welcome all former Spaceworks members and community users interested in using our practice studios!

BKCM is a non-profit community music school. We provide high-quality music education and music therapy to 7,500 New Yorkers out of our building in Park Slope, and across the five boroughs at more than 65 partnering schools and community-based organizations. Our Park Slope home, a beautiful Victorian building with 19 Steinway pianos and a state-of-the-art recital hall. Seven days a week, our building brims with the sounds of learning, love and laughter.

Our building is a secured, heated and air-conditioned facility with free WiFi and access to restrooms. It is wheelchair accessible. Further information on the resources available in each studio is available on Nexudus, our reservation platform.

*The promotion for free rehearsal space was originally only valid for the month of June, but given the success of the initiative, we extended the promotion to July 15!

To become a BKCM Affordable Studio Rental Program, click here.

After you have created your account, the administrators will review, approve new members, and send out Welcome Emails. Once you have received your welcome email, you can log in at bkcm.spaces.nexudus.com and create a booking.

Nexudus has officially replaced our former rentals platform, Spaceworks.

Use the code “Music” to gain access to the promotion.

BKCM is open seven days a week.

After the promotion ends on July 15, our rental rates will be as follows:

Peak Times: 3 pm to 9:30 pm on weekdays and anytime during the weekends
Upright: $17.50
Grand: $22.50

Off Peak: between 9 am and 3 pm on weekdays
Upright: $12.50
Grand: $17.50

* This is the rate structure for 2022; rates will be subject to change in 2023


BKCM’s studio rentals are for rehearsal purposes only. Classes, workshops, photo/film shoots, events, and recording sessions are prohibited.

BKCM requires proof of vaccination against Covid-19 for all who are eligible (ages 5 and up) for entry to the building. At this time, BKCM is keeping its mask requirement in place. All musicians except for those playing aerosol instruments such as woodwinds, brass and voice, will need to remain masked inside our rehearsal studios. Waiting areas, such as landings and the Conservatory lobby are still restricted in an effort to keep our space clear and our capacity low.

BKCM prohibits tampering of any instruments and equipment in its studios. Any tampering may result in fees and potential account suspension.

Food and drinks are prohibited in the studios.

Studios must be restored as found after each use.


If you have any questions about Nexodus, please email our registrar at registrar@bkcm.org.

Interested in renting other spaces at BKCM, including our Garden and our Concert Hall? Please email Miranda Knutson, our Manager of Community Events & Partnerships at miranda.knutson@bkcm.org

Our Partners

Thanks to the Mayor’s Office of Media & Entertainment – in conjunction with NY Music Month festivities – all studio rentals will be FREE and available to the public for the month of June. NY Music Month is an initiative of the NYC Mayor’s Office of Media + Entertainment.

We also wish to acknowledge the support of the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA) and the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA). NYSCA awarded BKCM a grant in the current fiscal year that enabled us to put a new room reservation system in place and support other costs associated with relaunching our room reservation program.