Sara Schoenbeck


Sara Schoenbeck is a bassoonist who dedicates herself to expanding the sound and role of the bassoon in the worlds of classical, contemporary notated and improvised music. The Wire magazine places her in the “tiny club of bassoon pioneers” at work in contemporary music today and the New York Times has called her “riveting, mixing textural experiments with a big, confident sound.”

A recent transplant from Los Angeles, she spent a portion of her time on the west coast in recording studios, freelancing in orchestras and as adjunct bassoon faculty at California Institute of the Arts, Citrus College, Riverside City College, the Pasadena Conservatory of Music and Kadima Conservatory of Music. She is very excited to be on the east coast and to be a faculty member of the Brooklyn Conservatory. She currently performs internationally at festivals and jazz venues in different chamber improvisation groups.

Sara firmly believes in the phrase “you play and you pass it on”. She is passionate about teaching bassoon and being a musical mentor. She approaches teaching the bassoon like teaching voice. The physicality of playing is very important. She is always ready and excited to work with each individual student’s artistic vision.

Sara received her BFA in bassoon performance from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and her MFA in multi-focus bassoon performance at the California Institute of the Arts