Suzuki Method


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The Suzuki Method is recognized worldwide as a highly effective approach for teaching children the language of music. Generations of students have begun a lifelong journey of musical enrichment through this approach. the Suzuki program at the conservatory offers programs in violin, viola, cello, guitar, piano, and bass. the curriculum incorporates three elements that provide the essentials needed for instrumental music education: private lessons, theory classes, and group classes. Parent involvement is an integral component of the Suzuki approach. Parents learn and practice alongside the child, functioning as role models and providing encouragement.

Suzuki is an annual program which requires a full-year commitment. Children ages 3.5 and up are eligible to participate.

Full Suzuki package
Includes private lessons, group instrumental class and theory class, two recitals and two festival concerts. Prices for a full year 30 weeks.

30-minute lesson package $2,790
45-minute lesson package $3,165
60-minute lesson package $3,495

Supplementary and/or Parent Lessons
Additional private lessons outside of the package. Prices for a full year 30 weeks.

30-minute lesson $2,010
45-minute lesson $2,670
60-minute lesson $3,135

Continuing Parent Group Class
By semester, once a week | 15 weeks
60-minute lesson: $455

To enroll contact Julianne carney at jcarney@ or 718.622.3300 x225.
Enrollment follows a three-stage process which begins in January, and includes a required parent orientation, observation, and an intake interview.