Welcome, Suzuki families! I am inspired by your dedication to nurturing your children’s musical talents. Suzuki at BKCM is more than just a world-class education; it’s a musical family. 

Dr. Suzuki advised us that to study anything deeply we must try for at least 10 years – an extraordinary proposal in these times, but believe it or not, our students often find the work so rewarding that they stay far longer, starting at BKCM when they’re in preschool and staying until they leave for college! We begin this journey with you and your little ones by just learning to hold the instrument (they’re still learning how to use a fork and button their shirts). Over time, as if by magic, they are exploring the great works of Western art music, jazz, pop, genres from around the globe, folk traditions and much more. 

Our stellar faculty’s experience, combined with your efforts, ensure that your children walk away from our program with forever friendships, tools for life, a sense of accomplishment, and the skills to keep bringing more music and beauty into the world. We know we’ve done our jobs when there is laughter, deep listening and great understanding. It warms my heart to see so many families travel this winding road with us, and with each other. I look forward to another year of making music and fostering beautiful hearts together!

Suzuki Program Director:

Nora Friedman

Violin Department Resources

Violin Department Resources

The Suzuki Violin Department is guided by nurturing, highly pedigreed instructors who are passionate about cultivating young talents and aspiring musicians. Our curriculum instills a deep love for music, creativity, and the harmonious relationship between diligent effort and the resulting rewards. The violin faculty are fully committed to Dr. Suzuki’s philosophy of “Beautiful tone, beautiful heart.” BKCM violinists have been accepted to all of the most prestigious of NYC’s middle schools, high schools, and university and conservatories throughout the country.  

Violin Department Head:

Aaron Van Heyningen

Cello & Double Bass Department Resources

Cello Resources

The Suzuki Cello Department at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music offers quality instruction while supporting each child’s needs and learning style. Led by cello teacher Shayna Dulberger, students are taught more than just how to physically play their instrument, but also how to play as a group, listen to each other, and find meaning in the music that they are performing. 

The Cello and Bass Faculty meet monthly to discuss pedagogy and teaching ideas, collaborating and sharing ways to better our teaching, and learning from each other. BKCM Suzuki Cello students have been accepted to: LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts, Frank Sinatra School of the Arts High School, Special Music School, and Mark Twain Middle School. Students have also participated in many summer music festivals across the country, including Interlochen Arts Camp, New England Suzuki Institute, and Ithaca College Suzuki Institute.

Double Bass Resources

The Suzuki Double Bass Department at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, offers a nurturing and supportive environment for students to deepen their connection with music. Led by dedicated and Suzuki-trained Double Bass teacher Shayna Dulberger, students explore and create using music building blocks such as pulse, rhythm, melody, harmony, tone and more. The deep and rich sounding Double Bass is a beautiful instrument that offers a fun and exciting way for students to instill the value of effort and gratitude. BKCM Suzuki Double Bass students have been accepted to: Juilliard Pre-College, LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts, Frank Sinatra School of the Arts High School and are concerto competition winners.

Cello/Bass Department Head:

Shayna Dulberger

Guitar Department Resources

The BKCM Suzuki Guitar Department provides students with excellent pedagogical foundations and creative programming like past collaborations with dance and storytelling, opportunities for performances outside BKCM, and the ability to join the Suzuki Guitar Tour Group which has been featured at the Suzuki Association of the Americas Conference (Minnesota) and on the Summer Concert Series in Bossico, Italy. Led by world-renowned Suzuki guitar teacher Michele Horner, the BKCM Suzuki Guitar Department makes learning classical guitar fun and exciting for students while instilling high standards of excellence. Students of the Guitar Department have been accepted to: LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts and major Conservatories such as the Cleveland Institute of Music, Peabody School of Music, Berklee School of Music, New England Conservatory and USC Thornton School of Music. 

Guitar Department Head:

Michele Horner

Flute Department Resources

Flute Department Resources

Enjoy the learning experience of flute playing in Suzuki flute studio of BKCM, an intimate and positive learning program. Based on the teaching philosophy of Dr. Suzuki, the Suzuki flute has been one of the well-known pedagogy and has nurtured numerous outstanding flutists. Without age limits, the students not only learn the technique of flute performance but also develop strong aural skills, skills of artistic appreciation and expression on flute.

Flute Faculty:

Ti Chung

Piano Department Resources

Piano Department Resources

Suzuki Piano Program is where the foundation is laid very strongly from the very beginning stages, both technically and musically. Throughout the years, the parents and the students form a very strong community through performances and classes. Many of our students have established a work ethic which led to performances at the Carnegie Hall,acceptance to prestigious high schools such as LaGuardia, Special Music School,  Frank Sinatra ,etc, and acceptance to Ivy League Schools. While the Suzuki Program is considered a classical program, our piano students have a variety of opportunities to perform music of different genres, play ensembles, as well as composing their own. Many students feel that the knowledge of the keyboard geography helps them comprehend music better.  

Piano Department Head:

Junko Nagai