Private Lessons


Age: All Ages
Time: 10 AM-9:00 PM Friday-Sunday
Duration: 30-60min
Currently accepting students for semester: All Semesters
To Register Call Registration Desk at 718.622.3300
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Age Range: All Ages
Type: Private Lessons
Term: Annual
Schedule: Call to Schedule
Duration: 30 min, 45 min, 60 min


  • 30 Minute Lesson: $1,092 / semester | $2,184 / annually
  • 45 Minute Lesson: $1,260 / semester | $2,520 / annually
  • 60 Minute Lesson: $1,520 / semester | $3,040 / annually

One-on-one private lessons are the core of the learning experience at BKCM. Teachers design an individual lesson curriculum to match your learning style and interests. Lessons are available on every major instrument and voice, and students participate in performances and recitals throughout the year. All school-age students enrolled in annual private lessons are eligible for free enrollment in many BKCM ensembles and reduced tuition to BKCM classes and programs.

BKCM takes great care to ensure that students are matched with a teacher that is right for their learning style. To get matched with the right teacher for you or your child, call the Registration Desk at 718-622-3300. Students under the age of 18 are registered annually and adult students have the option to register on a semester basis. Installment-based payment plans are available for all students. Registration is open throughout the year.


Private voice lessons are recommended for students ages 8 and up. From musical theatre to opera, pop, rock and jazz, our voice faculty focus on building solid vocal technique and developing habits that will help keep your voice healthy and strong. Students will gain music skills such as sight reading, matching pitch, harmony, and interpretation of song. Students prepare for performances and recitals with a live accompanist.


Knowledge of the piano is an essential skill for all musicians. Our faculty guide students in choosing appropriate repertoire that is challenging and suitable for their level. Students learn how to read music, interpret music and develop the hand, eye and ear coordination that is necessary for playing the piano. For beginners of all ages, teachers choose from a variety of method books that will best suit the learning style for you or your child. Our diverse faculty have an array of expertise and backgrounds including classical, jazz and pop.


Our faculty teach all styles of guitar playing from rock and pop to classical and jazz. Our young beginners start on an appropriately sized acoustic guitar that fits their hands and fingers. Beginners of all ages will learn how to properly care for and tune the guitar, pick melodies and strum chords. Students learn technique produce an excellent sound that can be used in any style of music. Both beginners and students with previous guitar experience, work with their teacher to find appropriate repertoire that motivates and inspires students to practice and perform.


We have lessons available on Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass. Our teachers take a gentle approach to the fundamentals of string playing such as bow technique, posture and body awareness that help students achieve excellence in pitch and tone. In the early years, teachers and caregivers work together to assure that the proper technique is being practiced at home and that a suitable practice routine is in place. In the later years, teachers choose repertoire that fits their level and experience. We have teachers with a variety of expertise from classical to bluegrass and jazz. String players, ages 9-11 begin to join violin ensemble classes and many students take advantage of ensembles and programs such as Bluegrass and Jazz.


Our brass and woodwind students lessons generally start age 9 and up. Students work on sound production and breath control which lays the foundation for excellent brass technique. From classical to jazz and pop, the repertoire is a mix of student offerings, band program materials and method books. Our teachers focus on duet playing which supports students sound, articulation and expression. Students playing brass and woodwinds take advantage of the ensemble offerings from chamber music and brass band to our BKCM Jazz Program. Private lessons support students in elementary and middle school band programs that are interested in pursuing special music programs in New York City.


BKCM offers private lessons on a number of other instruments including percussion, electric bass, and more. For more information on our offerings please contact the registration desk.

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Do you want to register for a class? Please call 718-622-3300 to speak to one of our registrars, who will guide you through the registration process and answer any questions you might have.

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